October 20, 2014

Fall mood - Instagram moments #5

  It's been a while since the last post about my Instagram community. After my article where I shared tips on how to be a better instagrammer received a fabulous response from you guys,  I want to continue sharing my daily life snapshots and social media tips on the blog within the instagram moments tag. So, it's been two months since the time I've put together my 10 essential tips to make your Instagram profile more attractive for your followers (exist and future ones). While following these simple social media guidelines, I see my personal huge improvement, both in visual content (read - quality) and in subscribers number (read-quantity). Feeling like a proud parent of my own microblog kid, that I treat with a proper respect and don't try to bribe with cheap candies (you know what I metaphorically mean, don't you?). My main focus is on consistent, color-coded and natural theme-oriented original content, produced daily. As my Instagram community grows, it constantly brings me great new friends and opportunities. Being authentic pays off, that's for sure.

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Tell me about your Instagram experience! Do you find my instagram-blogging tips useful? Would you suggest some other techniques to try? I am thrilled to know what you think!

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October 15, 2014

Tzipora's funny side up x Chanel Bagel Bag by Chloe Wise

  My life will never be the same again after the moment I've met this egg print dress. Never ever. T-Shirt fit, black and white minimal style, funky print - sometimes that's all I need from the dress to be. Tzipora is totally in love with it.

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  Food prints, huh? Well, it happens when Tzipora gets up especially hungry ( read : always). The trick to style a print dress into a chic casual outfit is to play around with accessories and layers of the dominating color of the print itself. Just like Tzipora did by adding mustard yellow suede espadrilles and mustard pompon knitted hat. Black oversized cardigan will play an important role to smooth the loud print and add a polished look to the whole outfit. It's fall outside, chunky knits are our best friends! 

  Oh, by the way, if we're talking food.. the Chanel Bagel Bag created by New York artist Chloe Wise would fit Tzipora's breakfast attire so perfect! My personal lowest bow to Chloe for the genius trick performed at Chanel No.5 party last Monday, you're dope! Seriously! 
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Tzipora's casual outfit of the day :
1. The White Pepper T-Shirt Smock Dress in Egg Print
2. Mango Mohair Cardigan
3. Soludos Smoking Slipper Suede
4. Free People Banjara Pushkar Tassel pendant
5. Zara knitted hat
6. Chanel Bagel Bag created by Chloe Wise

Tzipora's choice for home decoration Ikea kitchenware and storage boxes 

I am seriously overwhelmed by creating this wonderful world for Tzipora the Style Blogger,
hope you're enjoying it as much as I do. Read who is Tzipora and how she was created
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October 11, 2014

TLV Birdie x Planet Blue - Lake in the woods - Embroidered Lookbook art #1

First part of creative fashion lookbook collaboration between bohemian clothing store Planet Blue and yours truly (Oly Shamrik) is here! Inspired by travel, nature fragments and outside world treasures.

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  Recently, I've teamed up with Planet Blue in order to give a new life to some of their iconic lookbook images. I am fascinated by the creative opportunities that embroidery technique and my fantasy open for me. I am truly driven by creating a whole new range of emotions on the top of existing image. For me, it's like creating a totally new world, emphasizing the story behind the photograph.

 I've done a bunch of embroidered art projects before, and working with lookbooks is my favorite part : see Anthropology catalogue cover, favorite Free People catalogue lookShantique Designs lookbook treatmentHappy Habitat campaign.

  Creation process of this embroidered project went super smooth : beautiful original image provided me lots of blank space to play around with my thread, where I created mountains, wavy ornament on the water and put an accent on the sea foam. Magically, the ocean view transformed into a wild nature landscape of a lake surrounded by mountains with snowed tops. And I used my favorite sort of framing to complete the message - nature fragments.

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Original image source : Planet Blue 

Embroidery art : Oly Shamrik of TLV Birdie

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October 10, 2014

IFB Feature - 5th time in a row

  One more feature in Independent Fashion Bloggers links roundup, looks like Tzipora is on her way to become a savvy fashion blogger. Check Tzipora's post that got featured - How to style a plaid shirt dress, and pay some attention to other featured links. 

tlv birdie blog feature on Independent Fashion Bloggers links a la mode

Style Handbook

Do you ever feel like when you were born, everyone got the handbook to life but you? Ok, maybe not. But when it comes to style, there is no official handbook... but that doesn't mean we all have to wander around clueless. This week is your guide to style, so pull up a chair, take a deep breath and realize, everything is going to be just fine.

Links a la Mode: October 9th

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